Another 140S map upgrade gone bad - are my issues typical of what others have seen?

Aug 25, 2009
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Greetings all.

First, let me say "Hi" and thanks for posting your experiences and wealth of knowledge here in the forums. It has helped me a GREAT deal as a new TomTom 140S owner. Thanks to all of you, I knew enough to NOT attempt to update the map on my new 140S before my trip last week. Once I returned and I knew I would not need to use the 140S for a while, I figured I would go for it.

My experience:

I backed up my device by both the "explorer" method and through TomTom Home. I removed all non-english voice files (kept Dave and Susan). Upon connecting the device and starting Home, I was presented an option to upgrade home to version 2.7, which I did. Once version 2.7 started up, it informed me that there was a newer version of the software for my device (8.414) so I updated that as well. Finally, I was able to use my "30 day map upgrade" and was presented an "IQ route map" version I started the process and hoped for the best. The map download took about 35 minutes and then Home started the install process. All seemed to be going well untill the progress bar was between 2/3 and 3/4 of the way accross the screen. At that point things started to go "wonky". The device screen kept switching from the "transfering data" screen (the warning do not unplug screen with the blinking hard drive icon and big red X on it) to just a "standard" connected screen (no warning and no red x or blinking icon). For the next 3 HOURS it kept alternating between those two screens, all the while the progress bar was SLOWLY creeping (almost imperceptibly) toward completion. Upon attempting to use explorer to check file copy progress on the device, I noticed that what it was doing was "pausing" or hanging the data transfer during these screen changes. It was like a few megabytes of data would transfer, then the device would "pause" or hang for 30-60 seconds, then transfer again, then repeat the cycle. I read a post here that someone else experienced this behavior AFTER upgrading the device software to 8.414. Anwyay, after about 4 hours, I eventially got a failure error (not an out of space error, something else about file copy to a certain path or somehting that I regret not writing down, but it was 1:30 AM and I was tired and frustrated). I was able to unplug and power cycle it, but now I get the "you cannot use this map on this device" message that others have posted seeing.

Sorry for the long first post, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible (I am an IT professional and know that details are how problems get solved). Does my experience resemble what others have seen at all? I will attempt a restore tonight.

THANKS for reading this and please post any information or help you can offer.

You can try this:
Since you have the Explorer backup (forget about ever using Home's backups) AND the new map has been downloaded to your computer, delete everything from your unit. Restore the backup.

Now, use the information in this link to install the new map WITHOUT using Home.

If it works, make another Explorer backup. If it starts but continually reboots then look at the info in this link.
Thanks for the reply and helpful links. I wanted to try those procedures out last night, but just didn't have the time. I hope to get to it tonight.

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