Houston, we have a (another) problem...

Jul 23, 2011
Raleigh, NC USA
TomTom Model(s)
Navecore 9.400 and 9.401 are ending up to be quite buggy.

1) Any ticks to mark map corrections will disappear as soon as you connect the device to the computer. Be sure to make map corrections on the device before connecting.

2) On devices that offer a Quick menu preference (as there is on the XXL540, for example) the icon on the navigation screen will disappear when passing any safety cameras that replaces the Quick menu icon with the safety camera icon.
(See an extensive explanation with images here:
I had experienced the same thing on my 740 using 9.058 even before 9.400/9.401 was released. It seems to be a 'feature' of all of the 9.XXX firmware.

It's actually the firing up of Home that causes it. If you avoid having Home automatically load when you connect your device, you can fiddle the unit using your PC without the marked entries going away .. but as soon as Home runs, poof.

Yes, there is now a confirmation button that can be used to indicate the continued presence of a 'safety cam' of whatever sort. And yes, it does overlay quickmenu space. So far, I've never needed to use any QuickMenu items while that was displayed. I don't think it's so much a bug as a matter of deciding where to put the confirmation button that didn't eat up yet more screen real estate.
In my tests the map correction ticks will disappear immediately upon connecting the device to the computer whether HOME runs or not. I disabled the HOME autoloader and just connected the device to the computer. Then I immediately disconnected the device without launching anything else, even Explorer (Computer), and tried to make map corrections directly on the device. The ticks were gone.

There's enough room above the Quick menu icon for another temporary icon. They could also program in a screen refresh (which is what appears to happen when I press the 2D/3D buttons) to get the Quick menu icon back.
Anyway, having one icon overlay another is counterproductive. What if for some reason I want to mark an intersection as a Favorite (or Map correction, or whatever else icon that can be displayed in that spot) at the same time the Safety camera icon is being displayed?
It seems reasonable to me to just stick the Safety camera icon above the Quick menu icon for the few seconds it appears leaving both icons available for use and then just erase the Safety icon.
#2 - Yes, another "not a bug but a feature sir", I guess....

But worse than losing the Quickmenu, you ALSO lose any third-party POI warning icon while the camera confirm icon is there.

So if you run a third-party speed cam database at the same time as TomTom's one, you lose your original visual warnings whenever a camera is in both sets of data.

As for #1, I must be having a blonde moment. Can you explain what these "ticks" for map corrections are, please?
Hi Andy,

In this case a "tick" is not a bug... ;)

A tick is a small dot, mark, check, or electronic signal, as used to mark off an item on a list, serve as a reminder, or call attention to something. (Per http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/tick item #3.)

On my XXL540 there is a Quick menu item called "Mark location of map error" that will put an icon on the main navigation screen. As you pass a point where you would like to make a map correction you could press this menu item icon to put a mark or "tick" for that location in the device's memory.
Then later, when you visit Map corrections you will get a message that notifies you of the number of marked (ticked) location(s) and asks if you would like to review and change it/them now.

But of course, you already knew this... :D
I must admit I thought I might be that, but I've never used the Quickmenu for map corrections, so thought it best to ask. Many thanks for clearing it up.

Oh, and where TomTom are concerned, ticks and bugs are almost interchangeable!

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