8.35 on 720: Tomplayer works, TTConsole is broken.

Aug 31, 2008
TTConsole doesn't work on TomTom 720 8.35
Hey, Ysterday I tried to get TTConsole and ttsky working and it starts up ok, but it seems to get hidden immediately by the Tomtom main menu. So after starting TTConsole, when I press the screen, TTConsole flickers and is briefly visible but then it goes back to the TomTom menu. It registers the screen press on BOTH TTConsole and the TomTom main menu. If I drag my finger across the screen, it will keep flickering back and forth between TTConsole and the regular TomTom main menu creating some weird graphical glitches. Has anybody found a work around to get TTconsole running on 8.35?

Tomplayer WORKS on TomTom 720 8.35
So I gave up with TTConsole and tried Tomplayer and it just WORKS.. At first I thought MPEG-1 videos would be the best to play on Tomplayer since we all know that MPEG-1 uses less CPU power than DivX to play the same resolution video.. I'm using VirtualDub to convert my videos to TomTom resolution. However, to my surprise, apparently Xvid works much better, is a lot smoother, and the audio doesn't get out of sync, even at higher bitrates. I wonder if it has something to do with the I/O speed of the SD Card I'm running it off of and/or any overhead reading from the SD card. The MPEG-1 videos are larger because they have lower compression. So I suppose Xvid is the way to go for all Tomplayer videos.. Any thoughts there?
I just downloaded and installed Tomplayer. I installed it right on the SD card that also has the TT operating system on. When I turned it on, it went to the Tomplayer menu and I did not see a way to get it to go back to GPS mode. Is this application meant to be installed on a dedicated SD card meant only for the Tomplayer? After that I will look into the video recording software you mentioned in your post, I hope its not too hard.

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