Go720 and Tomplayer - do this to get it working.

Feb 29, 2008
I won't bother going into the instructions on how to get the zipfile, extract and all that, assuming that you have all that done, this is what I ended up with to get Tomplayer working on my 720.

Copy the SDKRegistry folder to the root of the tomtom, rename it SdkRegistry. Shouldn't have to touch the tomplayer.cap file.

Copy the tomplayer dir to the root of the tomtom, edit the tomplayer.ini so that these lines read like this:

create audio and video folders on the SD card, loaded some video files in the video folder and thats it.

A quick&dirty way to get it working if you will, I am sure lots will want the whole thing working on an SD card, but for the <10MB space the two folders take up, I just stuck them on the root and called it good. I'm not even sure you can run the whole thing off the card.

I actually went through a lot more than that to get it working, but this is what the final result looks like as far as what file go where and what needs changing, pretty well all you need to know. There is nothing in the install directions that tells you the movinand string needs to be after the /mnt/ if you are having the video files reside on the SD card, one would assume that mnt/sdcard/<dirname> would be the correct way. (I spent 1/2 hour figuring this out)

ps. I used the freeware program called Super to create the video files from existing avi files, 480X272 resolution, fps rate of 10, mpeg-4 video output codec and mp3 audio output codec and 95 kbps bitrate. video choppiness is barely noticeable and audio is out of sync at times, but I am just playing with various settings at this point.
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Adding video to tomtom

I just got a new tomtom go 720. I've been reading online about tomtom media center. I went to download it, but it just crashes my computer everytime I try to open it.

I tried mobilenova and macaryama (think I spelled it wrong) anyway.

I have a fantastic avi converter already on my computer. I want to transfer a few movie files to a sd card, then play them on my tomtom, if possible.

Anyone who can help, thank you.

Also if I do install a media player on the card or tomtom, will it ruin my tomtom?

Thank you for your help.
If you have firmware 8x, chances are that no 3rd party apps will work on a TT anymore.
I want to play video on my TOMTOM

What's the scoop with this? I just got a 720 for Xmas and would
like to try playing video movies on it.

Ken, while some developers are indeed getting 3rd party apps to run on TT with firmware 8.x, after all (see here for a link to a thread about an altitude program and how to dl it and make it work), I am not aware that video players are working at the n8 level.

Always stand to be corrected, though.
Tomplayer, got it working on external SD card

For starters this is what I have for TomTom specs.

App 7.221 (8572/071121) OS:2318 ( is this the Firmware version ??)
GPS v1.21,Boot 5.4106
Map: North_America_2GB v710.1584
Language: English

I got this for Xmas. With in a few days I went on line and determined
my maps are the latest.

I would like to install Tomplayer on the "internal drive" so I can end
up with an ICON to select without having to boot off the external SD
card to use it like I am now. The instructions to me are little confusing because
of the difference between internal drive and the external SD card.

I also need to understand if I will be able to switch back and forth
between Tomplayer and normal usage without re-booting if I install
Tomplayer on the internal drive. The firmware version from what
I have read could cause a problem selecting from an icon.

What I would like is the icon select, with videos and audios on an external
SD card.

anyone doing it with the same firmware as mine and would they
mind the steps as how to do it.



Ken, while some developers are indeed getting 3rd party apps to run on TT with firmware 8.x, after all (see here for a link to a thread about an altitude program and how to dl it and make it work), I am not aware that video players are working at the n8 level.

Always stand to be corrected, though.
Tomplayer question

I run my TomTom off of an external 4GB external card.
This card has the latest firm and maps.
Has anyone got TomPlayer to work off a external SD card along
with TOMTOM software?


ones tomplayer install how or where do i dowload a movie to my tomplayer:confused:
Tomplayer works great

Well fellow TT users, I have just installed Tomplayer on my Go720. It works great from my Lexar 4gb SD. I installed the files directly under the root dir. I converted a TV episode downloaded and converted it using AVS Video converter. I then copied the resulting video file in the folder called "video" on the root of the SD. When I booted the TT , the Media player started automatically. I then picked the file that I wanted to view and tapped on it and "voila". Now I am trying to tweek the size of the video being displayed to fill the screen as much as possible while keeping the proportions. Sound quality and synch is working good. Keep in mind that the quality of the original video will have a bearing on the final result.

Here are the settings I used, (so far); like I said I am trying to get better results.

Video : width (480 pixels), height (320 pixels), bitrate (700), frame rate (Original)
Audio : MP3, sample (16bit), sample rate (44100hz), bit rate 192kbps.

Have fun and if you find a better video conversion format, please let us know so we can all enjoy movies on our TomTom.;)
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