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Jul 4, 2010
Wisconsin USA
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TomTom go 2535 live and via 1605 TM
Hi everyone
I have the TomTom go 620 WiFi and for some reason it droops. I have it mounted to my windshield and it will droop face down. It’s like the ball don’t fit the mount like it should. I hope you understand what I’m talking about from my description
Welcome to TomTomForums.

I have no suggestions.
I have the same and must say that of all the TomTom devices I had over the years this one has the toughest ball/socket joint I ever had.
If I make adjustments I always hang on to the suction portion with the other hand.
+1. Arno. The mounts for my 620 (and others that use that same mount) are very tight for me, too. There's something wrong with either the mount or the ball.
I would go ahead and disassemble the ball from the mount (sounds like it will be a lot easier than it normally would be!) and see whether there are any issues inside the mount. There's a clear plastic piece inside the mount that captures the ball, and I'm wondering if it has cracked. You just twist the arm out of the mount with a bit of force. Just did it again myself yesterday to swap the usual suction cup for a fixed style mount/ball.

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