550 live menu

Apr 30, 2012
I have a 550 live thats gone bonkers lol all of the menu icon names dont make any sense ie tap navigate to the address then where u would expect to see postcode etc the icon shows but underneath icon it says "when not charging" there are lots of other icon errors 2 , i have tried updates with no joy

plug into laptop and use operate my go and all icons are fine !

any advice ?????

Can you reset the unit by holding the power button about 10 seconds till you hear the drum sound --- unless that model has a dedicated reset hole.
Would love to see a picture of what you're seeing....

I've seen the text get corrupted on a menu before, is what you are getting something like this?


Top right should be called "Birds", bottom centre should be called "Woodcraft", top centre should be called "PGPSW All"

A reset fixed it for me.
Thanks 4 advice tried reset and still same :-( it is just like the image posed mad ! Even when u look at the language setting it doesn't say English !!!!!!!
Well, connect to the computer and make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contetns. If not sure how, see here:

Then delete all the loose files in the root of the unit, NO folders or their contents.

Connect to Home and install the application offered. Disconnect properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.

Any better?

Thank u soooooooooo much worked a treat back to normal , only thing missing is speed cameras would think they will come back with an update on home

Big help thanks once again peeps

Glad it worked out. Now, make another Explorer backup to a different folder on your computer. As you've experienced, crap can happen ..... :(

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