Go Live 550 problems

Jul 19, 2012
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Go Live 550

I have 2 Go Live 550's that are not working.

They are both stuck on the Tom Tom screen, when I connect them to a computer they will not recognise the computer, although the computer recognises the tom tom, it wont recognise it in 'my tom tom' On the odd occassion that it does come up with 'do you want to connect to the computer' the second I press yes it shuts down.

Tom Tom have told me that its a hardward issue on both and because they are out of warranty will cost £83 each to repair.

Has anyone got any other suggestions that I can try?

Many Thanks
Are you using the cable that came with the device? And using a usb port on the back, not the front of the computer?
I am using the cable that came with the device. I am using the USB port on the front not the back but then I have always used the front and not encountered this problem before, I alsi have tried them both on 3 other computers and they will not connect.

Try a drum reset on the units by holding the power button about 15 seconds till you hear the drum sounds unless the model has a dedicated reset hole.
Hi, I have tried this and it just goes back to the black Tom Tom screen, I have tries the suggesions on the Tom Tom website and tried several resets and they did not work. I do apprecoate your help so any other suggestions please would be gratefully received!!
Great!!! That has allowed me to connect to the computer, I have been using My Tom Tom as my boss has a go live 1000 which requires My TomTom!! They have both now been able to connect to the computer but as they have both gone dead I need to charge them both to see if the updates have rectified the freezing problem or if this issue still exsists. I will be back shortly but so far Thanks very much!!!!:thumb:
Be sure you are using a different login (email and password) for each of the two units.

I have got them both logged on to the computer and done updates but the both are still stuck on start up black screen with tom tom logo

I am at a loss????? Anything else you can suggest??
See the two walk-throughs in the ARTICLES section of the forum.
Try each step in turn checking for improvement after each

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