540 live update - hd traffic and live unavailable

Feb 20, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
540 live
Updated my 540 live over the weekend and now get an "1008" error everytime I try to connect to live services. Any other user experiencing this? I had a similar problem when I upgraded the os last year and it took TomTom months to fix
A bug in the application. All UK users are suffering it. You can roll back to 9.058 until a patch is released (supposedly this week)
Not all UK users, dhn... Only those with one of a certain batch of SIM cards.

I've no idea if that's the majority of users or just a significant minority.
I too updated my application in the week and my live services also fail with error 1008 on my Tom Tom 540 live. I was not impressed having just been on holiday and had no live service.

Any idea where the old application can be gained from? - I inadvertently applied the new one via Tom Tom home without my normal backup being made.
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Error 1008 - second time for me when updating application

I updated my Live 740 last night not realising about the error 1008 prior to the update, BUT I made a backup of the TomTom 740 Live prior to the update and copied that across to a memory card and was therefore able to insert the memory card in and use that until such time as TomTom came up with a soultion. TomTom they told me this morning should be very shortly(?). This is the second time since purchasing my 740 Live that this has happened at an application update! How can TomTom put the update out without fully testing it? It would appear that when accessing TomTom Home for updates you are unable to uncheck the application update and only select map and other updates.
Grrr... not happy with TomTom. They broke my UK Live services last time there was a software update, and now they've done it again. Muppets! (Go 540 LIVE)
I did get an update over the weekend to 9.401, I now show as 'Connected', but just get Live services are not available, so slight improvent
Try resetting your unit by holding the power button about 10 seconds till the drum sound is heard.
Try resetting your unit by holding the power button about 10 seconds till the drum sound is heard.

Tried that, still shows 'Connected' but no LIVE Services...

Three more things you can try:
1) go to preferences -> My Tomtom account -> and login with the userID/password that you use in Tomtom HOME
2) run Operate my GO, and try to use LIVE services. If it works, disconnect and see if LIVE services work for you
3) run the clearflash tool here 3 times.

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