3 days old START 42 won't update at all

Oct 15, 2016
East Grinstead, West Sussex. UK.
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Hello people,

In short I've just bought a TT START 42.

Took it home and immediately tried updating it from my tower PC.being a 2 x terrabyte windows 7 thats always updated past tom toms excellently, and in this case on day one seemed to do the same.

However when placed in car NO CAMERAS are on the device, so I thought I'd place it back on MY DRIVE CONNECT web page and try again, after all it maybe just a glitch to have caused this.

Connect page recognises device and device recognises connection - but page freezes up flashing the 3 green dots saying waiting for your device - endlessly or at least the last 1/2 hour.

If all else fails I will try restarting PC to see if that helps and use a different usb entry port.

Can anyone suggest anything else to try or should I just return it to the store for a full refund ?
Many thanks DHN for your quick response and helpful UK phone number.

About 20 mins after sending in this above question device started to update, so it took about 45 minutes after downloading to PC first, so fingers crossed will take out in car later today to see if I've now got the cameras warnings.

Very grateful to you for a really helpful answer.
Many thanks - device START 42 now working with cameras operative, but missed a camera thats well known to everyone including Taxis in Brighton Sussex and has been there for over last 6 years and is on a previous tom tom, so I 'm not greatly impressed by this.

Also, the bong bong bong noise cannot be changed like on previous models and can easily be drowned out with having radio on - plus cameras screen showing placing on road is not visible like previous models would show and time of day plus mileage left are all in different places to the old models which makes the experience all the more confusing, so it looks like its going back anyway before i prang the car with this irritating and needless distraction.

Even tapping screen to get menus up is more difficult as you have to prod a certain button on screen rather than just tapping anywhere as on the older versions that had a far simpler interface and more readily understandable with the sensible use of colours and symbols.
Check Settings / Sounds & Warnings / Warning type

I leave mine set to "Read out loud". Seems to get my attention.

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