2505TM always says "up to date" even though map is old

Mar 2, 2007
Concord, NC
TomTom Model(s)
One V2, GO 720, GO 2505
I noticed I haven't recieved any updates in a long time and when I checked the current map is 8.80 and mine is 8.75. Any ideas why it won't update? I cleared cache, uninstalled/reinstalled My TomTom, etc.
When you purchased your device, did you register the "M" part of your 2505TM? If not, you may need to call tech support 1 866 486 6866 (available 8:30AM to 7:00PM EST Mon - Fri and 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST Saturdays).
I did, but the original unit was swapped out by TomTom for dead battery issue. Maybe not transferred to new 2505? I will call the 800 number. Thanks.
Ah, um .. you may find that you've been caught in the dreaded "Email Zone". Email addresses are coupled to device serial numbers for whatever reason.

Did you apply a NEW email address to the new unit that you received, or did you try to use the old email address? Your map subscription is probably tied to the old address. Unless you made special provisions with Customer Service to transfer your old email address to your new serial number, your map updates are waiting for someone with the old serial number and email address (paired) to log in.

Call them and let them know what happened, and they will either reassign your old email to your new unit, or have you re-register your new unit with a different email address so that the server will correctly identify you when you login to the MyTomTom web page.
I called TomTom support and they had me provide proof I purchased a TM model originally and then they added the Lifetime Maps to my account.

Thanks for your help!

What is strange is when I got the replacement device I just plugged it in to my PC and My TomTom came up and connected with my same email address as old device. It downloaded a bunch of updates and the latest map so I assumed all was well. Then I recently realized I hadn't got a notice about a map update for a long time.

Anyway, it's all good now. As long as 8.85 downloads when it is released... and this one's battery keeps on working...:)
What is strange is when I got the replacement device I just plugged it in to my PC and My TomTom came up and connected with my same email address as old device.
Some of us find that NOTHING that MyTomTom does seems strange anymore.

Glad CS got it sorted for you. You should be good to go now, but do watch for the February release of 885. You'll always see it mentioned here.
When TomTom replaced a defective device for me they automatically linked the new device to the e-mail account. It's odd, however, that they didn't move the lifetime map feature to the new device as their records should have shown that you had lifetime maps. That is, however, assuming that you activated the lifetime maps on the old device.

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