Will there be split screen mode for amigo on carplay?

Jan 17, 2023
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As title suggests having Carplay on amigo is great but not having split screen mode available makes it a hassle and even a hazard if music control is only possible trough touch screen and Ill explain why.

So amigo only works full screen fine no problem and if you change screen while driving you get direction popup on carplay display which is fine but. Big but here.

When want change a song and your depending on touch as I’m on my company vechicle this pop op spams nonstop blocking music control in full screen of music app and in split screen making you need tap quickly to be able to skip a song and I mean really quick because miniscul of second that popup with directions is popping op.

This results in dangerous and annoying try switch back and forth while driving to just skip a fucking song and that is something that is not desirable.

On my private vehicle its not a problem as I got controls on my steering wheel.

Tom Tom go does not do this at all.

So I suggest to turn off this annoying popup and add split screen mode to amigo. For comfort and safety of the road please do this.

But I doubt offical dev of amigo even read this here sins they ended official communication with their user base begin this year as they said “ our products are perfect and we do not need feedback as much anymore”

Well you guys do because its also getting worse with bugs lately.

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