Where to buy dock/cradle in USA for One XL?

Sep 20, 2008
Tampa, FL USA
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
It drives me nuts to have this device just sitting on my desk moving around with a USB cable sticking out of it. My cat seems to LOVE this rectangle box with the pretty black cable sticking out of it. He pounces on the cable every chance he can and has knocked the device on the ground twice already (I have super soft carpet so no problem)

I was just about to order a 930 dock for my One XL till I noticed the meanies at TomTom deicided to put the mini-USB connector in the center for the 930 vs towards the right on the XL. I bet they did this on PURPOSE so we couldn't use the dock/cradle! AHHH!!

Well anyway I found a few dicks for the XL but none of the places seem to be in the USA? Does anyone know where I can order one of these? Ebay doesn't have a single one either.


Thanks all!

BTW, Lovin' the new 920 POIs on my One XL!!!!!!!


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