What voices are your favorites?



I was just wondering what voices are peoples favorite?

I?m a big fan of the ?Mr.T? voice and also any British voice. Need to broaden my horizon! What are your favorites?
Is Mr. T any good? Yes he is!

Mr. T is a really good voice. The reason it is so good is because it is really him. You can get it from: navtones.com

All the celebrity voices on Navtones are real and funny. Gary Busey has me laughing a lot!
I like the soothing voice of the computer generated Susan. Tried Darth Vader and it got annoying fast. To each his own, right?
Personally I like the Computer Voice Simon (English UK) but he messes up the pronunciation of American streets, so I tend to use Computer voice Dave.

The female US English voices all grate to my ear.

All the Italian voices are quite nice but the non-computer ones (Chiara & Roberto) only speak in Italian. The computer voice Luca makes a fair stab at it, speaks mostly in English (if that's your language setting) and is very funny. It's like a parody of an Italian speaking English from a comedy programme
I usually use computer voice Simon since he has a nack for the hispanic street names and cities in my area, but he seems to ignore the "Disable 'keep to the highway' instructions" setting. For my last road trip I used John Cleese, and (when the jokes started getting on my family's nerves) Lori.
I love the John Cleese voice! I wish there was a way to randomize the jokes, but of all the voices I've tried (ie. the default ones), he's my favorite.

I tried the Andy fake Scottish voice, but it drove me *nuts* - not really well done at all, IMO.
ATC Voice?

I had the ATC voice on an XL and it's no longer available from TomTom. Anyone know where I can get it? I use a Mac.
An ATC voice *is* still available from TomTom via the Home prog.

Actually there's two of them, are these the ones you were looking for?


Don't forget they don't seem to understand "alphabetical" over at Home, so using "Search" is quickest!


  • ATC _voice_available.jpg
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Liz Whittaker who used to announce the traffic information on Radio Aire in the UK, used that voice file on all my PND's, these days it's also loaded and selected on my TT iPhone app (it's quite a bit of messing around to load a custom voice to the TT iPhone app but it is possible without having to jail brak the device) - Mike
The "Tim" non-TTS voice is my all-time favourite. Very calm and cool (and not distorted like all the TTS voices pre-NAV3)
I still can't locate the files. I have a 2505 so I can't use Home. I need the URL. All I ever get with Search is no file found.
I still can't locate the files. I have a 2505 so I can't use Home. I need the URL. All I ever get with Search is no file found.

I'm beginning to realise how important it is to keep an old knackerd NAV2 model, just so you can still access Home for other people!

I've never managed to decipher URLs for Home's "real" voice downloads, but if no-one else can find it for you, I've got local copies I could send.
Still looking

I still can't locate the ATC files so if you could send to me I would appreciate it. Thanks.
PM me with an email address and I'll get them to you.
Andy, Baron doesn't have enough posts here to do a pm. I'll pm you with the email address he used to register here......

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