Aug 25, 2010
Hi, All,
I have a tom tom one. Is there a way I can use this when I'm walking in the streets? The reason I'm asking this is because I've tried it and it doesn't work.

At first, I was walking on the left side of the street. So I thought, ok, the tomtom is programmed for drivers who are on the right side of the road. And it sensed that I was on the left side, so it kept telling me to make a uturn.

I then walked on the right side of the road. But it was still going crazy. It kept changing directions, and the map kept moving around. I thought that maybe, the tomtom is programmed for drivers who are going at a certain speed. Just guessing. Obviously, I can't walk at 15 mph to test this theory.

Is there a setting that I need to change so that I can use it while walking? I can't walk on the right side of the street all the time.

It is a road mapping unit and you do need to walk faster than 4 mph for it to detect movement BUT you may be facing another issue; namely, if the street you are walking on has high buildings or trees, the gps signal may be getting lost and that is why the map is acting the way it is...........
It may not resolve your issue (if it's lots of tall buildings, life gets interesting unless you're moving at a good clip), but one thing that can bite you are silly thing like one way streets, etc., when walking vs. driving.

I don't have a unit with your menu structure now, but try to locate, under Change Preferences, "Planning Preferences", and find whatever pedestrian mode (mine says "Always plan walking routes") is available there. This will avoid some of the peculiar things that happen if your TomTom thinks you're still in a car.
No, there are no tall buildings in my neighborhood. But thanks for the tips. I will check the Planning Preferences.

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