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Oct 31, 2010
I am trying to install a program called Viftool to use for compiling voice files(my own) for my 930. However I cannot get it to install...does anyone know of another application I could use instead ? Thanks.
Viftool 1.1 is a zip file. You extract the contents into the voices folder on your unit. There is a file within the file. I assume the contents of it should be extracted to the voices folder as well.

Use WinRar or similar tool.

All the above is assuming your computer is a pc. If aMac, there is a different tool:

See here
Yep had done that already but when I run the program I get an error message saying "access violation". If I then click ok it takes me to the setup wizard where a message says "insufficient disk space". If I then try to proceed the application freezes. I do have plenty of disk space.
Confused and frustrated !
viftool is a command line executable so there's nothing to "install" on your PC. When you downloaded the tool (viftool.exe), it came in a .zip file with a bunch of other files. Basically, you want to take everything that came in the downloaded zip file, unzip it and place all of those files (including viftool.exe) in the same file as your voice files.

So, let's say your voice files are on the desktop in a folder called "JoeVoice"

Copy all the files from the unzipped viftool download in to this folder "JoeVoice".

Next, open the command line C:>

Navigate to the folder so that your command prompt says something like C:>Desktop/JoeVoice

Then tell viftool what to do by writing this: viftool.exe join 88 Joe data88.vif

When this is successful you'll see an output of:

And the .chk and .vif files will be in the JoeVoice folder
ok I now understand how to use Viftool. I now can't seem to get the command line bit ( I last used it in DOS 6.22 !!!!)

cmd opens up with c:\Users\myname>

when I then type c:> as you says the "syntax of the command is incorrect". Am I doing something really stupid here ?? Hope you can help again

Nav Guy or anyone else.....

After the command prompt comes up type: cd desktop/voicefoldername

"cd" is change directory

Just get the long string of c:>users>yourname>desktop (or whatever) to include your voice file folder as the last in the string

Then execute the the viftool as described.
Hi all, PLEASE can someone help me? MY OWN MADE VOICE WONT PLAY ON MY TOMTOM ONE :-S I'm trying to add my own voice to my tomtom one. After looking thru a few sites from what i can see ive done everything right. So far i have. 1. Recorded the 59 tomtom commands in ogg format. 2. As above using the viftool & command prompt i have split the files and made sure they are both saved using the same number (data77.chk & data77.vif) 3. I have opened my data77.vif file in notepad & edited the details in the correct manor as per the tomtom site ( 4. I then copyed these in to the voice folder located on my tomtom device. But when i go to select my own voice its there with all the others on my tomtom but when you press test or select it there is no sound at all!! I have even opened my ogg files using foobar2000 audio player to test they all recorded ok & yeah they did & all play & sound fine. I've tried everything i can think of but no joy.. I really want to get this voice working!!! Please help me Regards Hazza
Please do not repeat posts in other threads. If someone can help, they will post here.
Please do not repeat posts in other threads. If someone can help, they will post here.

Hi dhn, Sorry im new to the site, The only reason i posted in another thread was after i done the one above i thought by doing a new thread in the main section i thought there would be more chance of people seeing it and helping me.

Just so we know exactly what you've tried so far... can you confirm you've followed all the steps under "Navigation voices" in TomTom's own "Create your own Content" guide here?
Hi Andy, Thank you for your reply. Yes i have tried it & tried it again to the letter via Tomtoms site as per your link and still everything seems to go right, ie: the files save to my device and show in the voice selection with the correct name country etc but when you press select or test theres no voice audio. I have just tried my ogg files and play 100% fine. :confused::confused::confused:

What size are the resulting files?
I'm wondering if you'd like to email them to me so I could try them on one of my TomToms. That way we could at least determine whether the problem lies with the voice files or your ONE.
In total 3.30MB, The comands were just said as per the instructioms on the tomtom site. Just used my daughters voice :). Ok that would be great Andy if your sure you dont mind taking alook for me. Whats your email and ill forward the folder over.

Many thanks

Hi Hazza, I've sent you my email address in a Personal Message.
Thanks mate :) I have just sent you the contents of my Tomtom folder that i created on my desktop.

I've got your voice files. Sorry for the delay getting round to looking at them... This morning I had a new cable modem/wireless router delivered to double my broadband speeds, so I've been tweaking settings ever since.

Then I decided to re-install my (very heavily customised) copy of Firefox from scratch this afternoon, so I'm barely able to log in anywhere yet! :lol:

I should have time to look tonight.
OK, I've tried it and couldn't get them to work on my TomToms either

First I tried adding the compiled complete voice files data75.chk and data75.vif.

As you say, it appears for selection in the "Change voice" menu, but there''s nothing heard when you tap "test" and there's nothing heard on a demo route when you've selected your voice.

So next I was going to try compiling a fresh version from your individual .ogg files, but I thought I'd look at one or two files individually first to check they were recorded at the right sample rate etc.


I've tried in Adobe Audition and in Audacity and neither program will open them at all, they don't recognise them as audio files and if I import them as raw data, I just get digital shash.

So the next questions I think have to be...
1. how did you record your daughters voice? (i.e. what program, and to what file format?

2. what did you use to convert the files to .ogg format (if you didn't record and save to that format in the first place?

3. Can you play back your original files in whatever program you used to record them?

Audacity is a good prog. to use, mainly because it's free! You can record straight into it and export to ogg format, but if you need any help with it, just shout.
Hi Andy, Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to look in to it for me :). I recorded them using Audacity i can open the files using Foobar2000 and they play. So i have just opened the raw files in Audacity and re exported them and guess what IT'S ONLY WORKED!!!:D:eek::D.. So her voice is now on there and ready to instruct lol.. I can only guess something went wrong behind the scenes in the wav to ogg converting maybe. Once again Andy thank you for your help your a true credit to this forum:thumb:, Have a great weekend mate.

Glad you got it sorted all by yourself, award yourself a gold star! :D

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