USB to MiniUSB that fits the XXL 540S

Jan 18, 2010
I recently upgraded my old 920 GO to a XXL 540S. Wow what a difference the extra size makes! I love it so far and there have been a ton of UI improvements that really please me.

Most tech these days can be powered via whatever cable to USB. However I've only got 2 cigarette lighters in my car and what I'm trying to do is migrate to USB-only cables, so if need be I can take one out of my car and use it via a laptop or wall charger etc.

TomTom has not kept the plugs standard from model to model. My old 920 charger would not fit into the 540, and the only charger that came with the 540 was a cigarette lighter to miniUSB. Anyone know where I can find a USB to miniUSB? I've gotten a Griffin adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter and has 2 USB ports so I can charge my phone and GPS at the same time.

Thanks in advance!
Both the 540S and the 920 use the same mini-USB jack. Any mini-USB charger normally would be fine, as long as it gave out at least a couple amps.

But I have seen some posts that the 540 plastic moulding leaves smaller space than other Tomtoms, so that some USB cables with a large plastic housing around the plug can't fit into the 540.

I recommend taking the 540 to a mall and checking the cellphone kiosks for generic USB chargers. They can usually let you do trial and error to make sure they physically fit.

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