USB connector type for TomTom Go 730

Apr 30, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
GO 730
My charging connector on the TomTom GO 730 broke :(, so I plan to order a female connector to change it....
Can someone please tell me the type of connector I need to use there?

I think USB mini B type is right, but
These connectors also have designations SMD and SMT?
Which one of those do I need?
Thx guys
How strange... we had a similar question just a couple of days ago

The answer is the same: it's a USB mini-B connector.

As for the SMD/SMT designations, I may be wrong, but I thought they meant the same thing:
SMD - "surface mount device"
SMT - "surface mount technology"

Both of which mean they are for use on the more modern type of circuit board (like the TomTom) where the components are soldered to tiny pads on the same side of the board, rather than having wire legs that go through holes drilled in the board and are soldered on the other side.

Just be sure that the case shield legs line up with the pads the same way as the current ones, and that you don't accidentally get one of the rare connectors that is inverted (upside down in its orientation on the board vs. the shape of the connector). IIRC, the existing connector also has two dimples on the bottom for board alignment that also provide some of the mechanical strength in the design. I don't have an open 720 handy at the moment to check that.

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