TomTom720 USB Connector Charging/Connection issues

Jul 4, 2009
I thought I'd post here to if this is common or not, as I have done some searching on the net and found others with a similar issue so trying to find out just how common it is.

Bought a TomTom720 second hand, and I have found the following issues/problems with the unit when it comes to charging.

It's regarding the mini USB port in the bottom of the TomTom which is used for data (when connected to the desktop stand) and also the car charger.

Before I go any further, I have cleaned all the contacts with proper cleaning sollution.

When I plug the car charger in and the wire is hanging down it does not make a connection (the green LED goes not come on) and I have to lightly press/lift the back of the connector that plugs into the TomTom to actually make it connect.

Or, if I rest it down so the cable is coming UP Behind the tom tom, this also pulls the connector up a bit and makes the connection.

I guess if you sat it on the dashboard of your car you could position it in such a way so the connector is slightly pressed backwards to make the connection. But with the wire handing down (as it would be normally) there's no way it would make a connection.

I have taken two short video clips here to show you what I mean (watch the green LED on the bottom right of the TomTom as I move it about)

pressingconnector.flv video by Paul-rs - Photobucket

liftingtomtom.flv video by Paul-rs - Photobucket

Those two clips show you what I mean about the car charger connection.
I assume you have tried a different cable and its the same with that? I would have thought from the video that the mini USB socket in the TomTom has broken away from the PCB and is making intermittant contact, you might be able to solder it back to the board with a fine tipped iron or possibly tape it down with some PVC tape over the top of the socket to apply pressure to the joint. I wrote this a while back when someone wanted to change a battery, but it does illustrate how to take the unit appart to get to the socket:

You will need a Torx No5 bit/ screwdriver and a pair of fine tweezers would be handy but not essential.

Remove the SD card if fitted.
Lay the device screen side down and remove the two screws from the rear of the device:

Insert your thumb nail between the silver trim and black surround near the top of the device, the main unit will start to ease from the black case:

You can now easily extract the main unit, take care not to exert force on the interconnecting cables. Note the main screen ribbon cable, under the black tape is a small PCB multi way connector, remove the tape for access.

At both ends of the connector strip is a small fragile plastic lever, these need to be eased upwards to release the ribbon cable, they only need to move a few MM in order to release the cable. The other two core plug can stay connected for this job so leave it alone.

You can now see the Torx head screws securing the main board into the housing, remove each of these, once they are all out ease the board from the housing, again the speaker wire stays in place so don't go pulling it around too much. With the main board removed turn it over to reveal the battery.

Slightly closer view of the battery and the three pin multi way plug it is fitted with.

In this last picture you can see the connector at the bottom of the PCB in the center - Mike
i had the same exact problem a few days ago. I went to Radio Shack and bought their universal GPS 12v power cord which comes with 3 of those USB connectors. You can choose to either let the chord exit from the rear like TT factory style, exit from the bottom so it cleanly hangs down, or exit from the right. Its working perfectly. $26. GO GET ONE!!
Hi, Did this work when your unit was completely dead? My connection doesn't seem to be working
in my car charger or when I connect to the computer. I am afraid to take it apart. It seems to be the
connecting point in the GPS that is compromised. Not sure how to fix the problem. Any ideas?
Thanks, sandytravel
Hi Mike,

I have the same problem with my gps, the mini usb connector is broken.
I was wondering what other stuff do i need to buy to detach the old mini usb and attach a new mini usb?

your reply is much appreciated.

The mini USB socket is really difficult to remove from the PCB even using a solder sucker tool it won't release (I have tried doing this on a broken 920 and still not got the socket off the PCB yet) - If you do get the socket off somewhere like CPC/ Farnell do stock replacement sockets but again very fine soldering skills will be required - Mike
Are you looking for the connector for the flex cable to the touchscreen?

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