Turn your TomTom into a MP3 player

Sep 19, 2006
TomTom Model(s)
Go 510
Just bought a 4G, x155 Transcend SD card for my Go 510, so I have about 2G of spare memory.
I found this site to make a software that turn TomTom into a MP3 player.


Unfortunately it's for the Go 300/500/700 and One , not for the 510, 710.

Does anyone here know Linux to get the source there, and compile it to make it run for 510 ? Thanks.
It seems what the guy has done is disable the bit of code that checks if the device is a 910. So enabling the inbuilt mp3 and photo functions.

This may not be acceptable to the mods here as there are other implications ...
Anyone uses Linux knows the consequence (they can hide, not patent protect their works), am I wrong ?
Anyone uses Linux knows the consequence (they can hide, not patent protect their works), am I wrong ?
The Linux kernel TT use is GPL and they do provide the source code for it.

The navigation software is proprietry and they do protect that with patents.
Most likely even within that they are using open-source routines to view photos and play mp3.
However, as Pedro has pointed out, the text-to-speech is subject to a commercial contract with Loquendo. Anyone who posts how to enable this on non-authorised devices is liable to incur the wrath of TomTom and/or Loquendo.

Yeah the TTS part may have unintendeed consequences. Although, I thought the ONE doesn't have enough memory to run them anyway.
The 510 has the same horsepower & memory as the 910.
But I care less about TTS.
In another forum the poster said his Garmin pronounces DR (Drive) as Doctor.:D
He's not impressed.
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But I care less about TTS.
Same here, I don't need it.
I'm told it can make a mess of UK/Europe numbered roads
It tends to say stupid things like "A-threehundred-and-three" for A303
whereas of course, we say "A-three-O-three"

God knows what it says for the B2298 :eek:
An old thread? Yeah, I'd say so..... almost seven years! ;)

Your best bet is to use Google to see what you can find. Good luck!

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