TT920, Bluetooth, TT Compatabilitylist, and Samsung cell

Oct 14, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
GO 920
I notice that TomTom's compatibility list does not include my new Samsung M220 cell. Does that mean it is not compatible ? ...or is there list out of date?
I haven't received the phone in the mail yet and was wondering. Thanks.
The list only reflects those phones TT has tested. Not being listed does NOT necessarily mean that certain functionality won't work.

And yeah, the list is likely somewhat out of date too.

We have phone gurus here who can often help those whose phones don't pair.
Samsung m220 pairs with 920 sucessfully...but

My followup:

Question 1.

I was able to pair Samsung m220 with 920 sucessfully...but, when I receive a call on the TT920 device, the sound volume is so low, that I can hardly hear the caller.
The caller can hear me loud and clear.

After I hang-up, I check the slider volume and it is all the way to the right (max.). The driving commands are loud. How do I increase volume for receiving calls?

Question 2.

Is it still possible to play the call through my car FM radio? I recall hearing that there were changes made due to EU rules.


Volume slider

When I call, no slider pops up.
I am using version 8.351

When I call, no slider pops up.
I am using version 8.351

I was calling from my home phone to my cell. No slider appear when the call was received on my TT.
Maybe because I have it set to auto-answer??
The slider won't auto appear.

You need to tap the lower left corner while on the call to do a volume adjustment.

The volume adjustment bar looks just like the one for voice navigation. But it's actually a different slider that sets the phone call volume, and only can be set during an active call.

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