Traffic in Montreal

Jan 4, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
via 1605

I got the Via1605 as a gift for Christmas. Can't say I am happy with it. The traffic just doesn't work. I plugged in the RDS-TMC receiver in the car and it keep scanning for a station. What should I do? What FM station should it be linked to?

I got it specialy for the traffic and it does not work. Why they sell it, with in big letters on it, FREE LIFETIME TRAFFIC and nothing happen. Is this a scam...

Should I switch to another brand?

I really need guidance here.
Montreal IS supposed to be one of the cities covered by the rds-tmc antenna for fm traffic. Where is the plastic 'egg' being placed? On your dashboard?
Is the plastic egg attached to the wire I plug in the 12V outlet in my car? If so, it is kind of a little bit below the dashboard.
Wait. Answered to fast. I will double check tonight in may car and post back on this. Sorry for jumping on the gun... hope this how you say it in English... I am francais ;-)
Update on my issue:

Last friday, I moved the Plastic Egg up on the dashboard and after some time (10 min at least), it picked up the signal. Showed me no traffic but there was none actually. This morning, I plugged it in and it had a hard time again finding the signal. Once it got it, showed me no traffic but there was a lot has people were getting back from the holidays. At one point we were stopped on the highway, on the GPS there was no sign of warning or traffic jam. Is it supposed to show traffic or else? Starting to worry.

mmm... but I was on the 40 in Montreal. It is one of the main Highways here. Then it is not as accurate as I thought it would. Yes I am disappointed. Maybe I expected too much of the product...
I've had traffic on mine(xxl 540) for a little more than a year and traffic incident reports have been spot on(Montreal and other regions were coverage is available). Mind you, coverage outside the perimeter of Montreal is very limited. As for cable placement...mine hangs loosely from middle of dash or below. Suspect a cable problem in your particular case.

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