Montreal Traffic


Nov 12, 2007
Montreal, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
540M XXL
Some of you may recall I posted a thread about a year ago concerning the fact that I had purchased the traffic receiver for my 540XXL but unless I was very close to the Traffic antenna source, I would never get a signal.

Travelling through the US and also in Ottawa the traffic light on the unit would go green meaning it is connected. It came down to a week antenna signal in Montreal, or so I thought. I drove a clients car this week with a Garmin and a traffic receiver attached to it. The traffic service was online working.

So why is it the Garmin traffic works in Montreal and not the TomTom? I have been a TT support for many years but this is a big let down.
Yes it's the receiver charger. I have place the little egg reciever at pretty much every spot on my Ford Escape dash including hanging it up on the rear view mirror of the windshield.

I was hoping by some fluke the new 540 firmware update would have maybe solved this problem but again it never connects. I pretty much leave the receiver at home for day to day use and plug in the regular power plug. Only plug in the receiver when I am leaving the city.
I'm pretty sure it is over a year that I purchased it.

If anyone on this forum is from Montreal and has a TomTom traffic receiver, please let us know if it actually works.

Thanks for your input.
Garmin uses Navteq, Tomtom uses Clearchannel. I suspect they are broadcasting from different antennas.
It does work...but the coverage is quite limited to the city and close proximity.
I find the map coverage shown on their website ( is bit too generous for this area.

I had totally forgotten that my sister had ordered a 540 XXL on Amazon a few months ago with traffic receiver. Tested her unit and receiver today, Circle goes full green. Used her receiver on my unit, full green.

I guess I got a defective receiver from the very beginning. Past warranty now. Live and learn.

Thanks to all for your input on the subject.

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