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Oct 30, 2011
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We've been running the same version of vBulletin on these forums for quite some time now - and although it works very well, there are some question marks over how much longer we'll be able to continue running this version as newer server software (PHP/MySQL) won't run it properly.

It seems like a good time to make the jump to a new forum platform called XenForo - which should bring some big improvements to the site and mean we'll be able to continue running for years to come.

I've done some test imports and worked on the upgrade behind the scenes with the moderators and it's now at a stage where we can go live. All being well, this should occur tomorrow (9th August). I'm estimating that the forums will be out of use for a couple of hours (max!) while the transfer is in progress, although I will try and retain functionality of the forums for the entire time in read-only mode.

All of the posts, threads, attachments, data, usernames, details, passwords, etc... will be moved over... nothing will be lost. You should be able to log in as normal and make the most of the upgrade :D.

There are some huge benefits to running the newer software, such as much improved mobile browsing and a much easier attachments system (you can upload multiple files in a couple of clicks). I'm confident that it's a big improvement on the current forum software and it will no doubt become familiar (if not already) as many other sites on the internet are following the same trend.
And we're back! The new forum software should now be live :).

It is expected that there will be a few bugs after such a large transition - so please post any problems you find in this thread and I'll work on fixing them. There are a few formatting problems and smilie images that I need to work on, but I'm sure a few more things will need to be tweaked.

I hope you like the upgrade!

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