TomTom XL IQ PCB power button routing

Aug 23, 2011
Hi, I have been trying to fit an external power button on a cable to my TomTom XL 310 Canada, I think its version 3, the last one before the simplified menus but later than the ones with SD cards.
Unfortunatly I decided to solder onto the underside of the board for some stupid reason and I have wrecked the connection from the power button, there is two connections next to it, the one closest to the edge of the board has come off, also the track has come off.
Does anybody know where the power button eventually gets to? Im hoping I can hardwire it back on directly onto its end point, I am guessing it goes to a chip somewhere or even better somewhere before that but I just can't find where it goes to.

The broken track is the where the blue line is, this is on the underside of the board underneath the 4 pin button.


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