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Nov 27, 2012
cambridge u.k.
TomTom Model(s)
Go720traffic, Go710 via120 Galaxy Tab Samsung s3 Smartphone
What is the difference between a RDS/TMC traffic receiver and a TMC module GPS receiver.
I have purchased one of the latter and it won't work with my VIA 130.Have I bought the wrong one?:confused:
Normally the two mean the same thing. does the one you bought actually fit into the micro usb port on the device? If it does, and you connect to the car, does the unit say 'rds antenna connected'?
The plug on the end of the receiver has a mini usb plug which needs to be connected to the via 130 by using a reducer to micro usb .
When I plug it in there is no indication except the charger. This adapter may be the problem or I need to change the receiver with one fitted with a micro usb plug.
Incidently the tmc receiver works o.k. with my GO 720T. The adapter by the way was supplied by the tomtom dealers and was genuine but was as supplied with a car charger.:confused:
A proper TomTom adapter should work as far as I know. I don't know what to tell you. Is the rds antenna a combo car charger/antenna with a plastic 'egg' on the cord? That's the model you need, I believe.
Maybe a silly question, but are they both made by TomTom?

Have you got links for them both so we can have a look.

Without knowing any better, when I read "TMC module GPS receiver." it sounded to me like something that has both a RDS-TMC receiver AND a GPS receiver in it, so would be for use with something like a tablet PC that didn't have built-in GPS.
Hello Andy,
I may not have put it very well but theTMC receiver which I have purchased is made by TomTom and is fitted with a mini u.s.b. plug which will not connect to my VIA 130 unit.
I therefore have to use an adapter which is made by TomTom to fit it.
The actual unit I purchased through Amazon so I can only assume to be genuine, the adapter came from Curry's and came out of a packet.
The Receiver works fine with my Go 720T but it connects without the adapter. I'm beginning to suspect the adapter.
Thanks for that, makes more sense now.

I THINK that all TomTom RDS-TMC receivers are now sent out with a mini-USB plug and a mini-micro adapter for use if required.
See "in the box"here:

So we are back to the question "what did you actually buy?"
Can you provide a link to it on Amazon, so we can have a look?
Does the cable have a little white label on it? With any numbers on it?
I think I have solved the problem, the receiver I have although it was advertised as being suitable for my model of satnav, without an adapter would'nt fit it should have had one provided.
What I intend doing is returning it to Amazon for refund and buying one with adapter provided.
Job Jobbed.:roll::roll::thumb:

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