TomTom STRIKES again!

Feb 26, 2011
Seattle, WA (Where it RAINS all the time...)
TomTom Model(s)
Just peeved.

Hours of working with a unit to get it to function; incapable of doing all that is advertised. TomTom warranty rma's it back to them.

We ask for a swap, send the new unit first. Nope. Ask if we can give them a credit number, and send the new unit first. NOPE.

They do supply via email - a Fedex shipping label for 2Day shipping. We print it, obtain a box; package it; run it down to the FedEx location; and off it goes. 2Day - gets to TomTom 2 days later...

TomTom ships the warranty replacement unit the next day. Via GROUND:( !! Now, the replacement unit will not arrive till middle of next week...

Hey people are dying for lack of water in some parts of the world. Earthquakes collapse buildings in Christ Church city in New Zealand. Families are destroyed. In the grand scheme of things - shipping this back slow boat - is not real significant. But I HATE their true lack of support, and caring. Have nothing good to say about TomTom support.

Canderson -

That would be the XXL540TM
Ah, right. A few of them we can get working with the emulator, but not all. If that was the only problem you still had with it in the end, you were (unfortunately) probably one of the lucky ones.

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