Tomtom sports connect for computer

Mar 19, 2023
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TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Runner 3 sports watch

i use a tomtom runner 3 sports watch, that I need to connect to a computer to load and update.
I also sync it with an app on my samsung phone, which works fine.

problem now is installing the tomtom sports connect (again) after trying to update is. (before this never had any trouble, use it over 10 years)
update gave an error, so I uninstalled it which worked as far as I know.
but by now installing it again I constantly get errors, like "Can't write: C:\Program Files (x86)\TomTom\MySportsConnect\quazip5.dll" trying to delete the whole tomtom programm of the computer, I get errors like" can't delete because the program is still active".......if have searched everything but just can not find where it should be active of my computer.....

does anyone have a solution for this?
maybe how to really get it of my computer, so installing after that would be possible?

Hope to hear and receive a solution, thank you in advance....

Judith Day: Did you got a solution?

Actually: do you know any solution now that TomTom is going to close all the services for sport watches and has decided not to give any alternative to its users other than to increase the amount of electronic waste?
I am also looking for a solution. The watch still records and stores activities, but I do not see the activities files in the watch files so it is imposible to import them into Strava or other app... It would be ridiculous that Tomtom does not provide a solution. It is not possible to sell a watch equipped with just a chronometer at that price.

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