TomTom GO Professional 620

Mar 13, 2023
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GO professional 620
I bought on ebay Tom tom Go 620 Professional But to my surprise it doesn't have the truck option. Just the car and caravan. On My drive app I see a register as camper van and on the maps I can't download truck maps. Any Thoughts?
If you are unable to download a truck map or if the map is not available, contact Tomtom customer service to assign the map to your account.

How to contact TomTom customer support by chat or email
How to contact TomTom customer support by email
That's the 2nd time recently that we have seen someone purchase a "truck" model on eBay only to find that the "truck" feature is missing.

All should understand that the truck models command higher prices, but are physically indistinguishable from the non-truck version, and even carry the same serial number prefixes. For example, the 620 versions for car and truck, and the GO Supreme all share the "ZE" serial number prefix! Buyer beware! I'd ask for a screen shot of the device's truck parameter screen (weight, dimensions, etc.) sitting on a copy of today's newspaper (with the date showing!) before purchasing.

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