Tomtom Rider 500 issues

Feb 20, 2024
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Rider 500
Hi all,
I have been using a rider 500 for trips over the last 5 years and it has generally been fine at getting me to my destination. It has, however given me much grief on occasions when I have decided to take a deviation from the planned route.

The satnav constantly tries to turn me round at every opportunity - should it not recalculate until I get back to the planned route?. When I do get back to following the planned route, it often (but not always) continues to try and send me back to where I took the deviation - probably 25 miles back, and its now grinding my gears to to the point where its a pain to use it.

Please can anyone help?
Thanks for your reply.
The problem I have is that when I am back on the planned route - after my deviation. It still tries to direct me back to where I deviated.
In modify your route.

You must be able to avoid part of the route
or remove a stop from your route.
Just skip a few waypoints, when planning a route you have told the unit where you want to visit "Waypoints" the unit is just doing what you told it, until the y come up with a mind reading Tomtom you'll have to do it the old fashoined way.
Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what you mean when you say Just skip a few waypoints, I don't want to be interacting with the screen whilst I'm riding.
So pull over skip the required waypoints and carry on, or don't deviate from your planned route.
So are we saying that my Rider 500 should not be able to recalculate and direct me back to my planned route following a missed turn or deviation?
Also, please can you explain how I can skip waypoints on my device.
Recalculating the GPS means doing it because it wants you to follow your planned route.

From the main menu, select Current Course.

Select Skip Next Shutdown.
The map mode is displayed.
The next stop on your route is deleted and the latter is
Each waypoint on your route is a "Must Visit" point
To sip a waypoint hit the menu button- Current route- skip next waypoint.

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