TomTom offers Roadside service subscription

Mar 10, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom 930
TomTom has introduced a Roadside Assistance program for all users of TomTom's GPS devices and the TomTom iPhone app.

Partnering with Cross Country Auto Services, it will provide drivers with towing, tire change (flats), unlocking your vehicle and jump starts, or a gallon of gas to get you to a service station. Basically the traditional services expected by drivers for Roadside Assistance programs. It will be offered to both new and existing TomTom owners in the US and Canada.

TomTom drivers will have the option of paying for this service through an annual membership at $50 or per incident.
Do they wave the $50 per incident deductible if it was your TomTom that took you on the off-road experience?:p

Did you happen to note what the annual fee would be if a user opted to go that route? Were there any limitations on location? I ask because blowing a tire on a forest service road in the middle of a national park 40 miles from civilization isn't covered in most cases, but can be one of the most problematic for the driver :eek:. Typical charges for bringing up a mounted tire are over $200 + tire and rim.. if you can find someone to make the run. A lot of folks out here are still looking for a good plan for that.

Yeah, we all have spares, but Murphy being hisself, life sometimes takes out the spare on the way home, too. Not often, but - well, you know.

I'm picturing some guy in Amsterdam writing the policy language and never giving our reality a thought... and that perhaps we'd get lucky.

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