Tomtom offers lifetime map buyins


Dec 19, 2008
Boston, MA, USA
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Tomtom GO for Android
I just noticed a weird announcement on HOME last week on my GO 740: "New maps are available for only $0.31 per quarter".

Of course I thought that was another HOME bug, but for the heck of it, I went to "Add Maps" to see what Tomtom offered.

And, I got a message "Upgrade your map subscription to a lifetime subscription for only $5.00" Wow!

Of course I upgraded immediately. I had an active annual map subscription, so I assume those without a subscription will pay more.

But talk about an offer you can't refuse....

I also tried on my GO 930, but no luck: no lifetime offer for that model. So I guess it's only available on models that have a lifetime map edition.
I just noticed your post and logged my GO 740 LIVE in and also do not get a pop-up to upgrade my map subscription. I see the TT web site has a lifetime upgrade that will be available in the future for $99.95, but nothing in TTH. Maybe you should go out and buy a lottery ticket after lucking into the that map upgrade offer.
Yeah... I jumped, just in case that was a bug.

I've got an invoice stating "North America 2GB lifetime maps", so I guess I won the lottery.

So if you do "add map" it doesn't offer you the lifetime buy-in?

Are you on app 9.058/map 855/home
And as posted separately, Amazon is now selling the $99 lifetime map update here.

Just be careful that you check the eligible devices. It appears to be every device where a lifetime-map variant is available for purchase.

"Supported devices: XL 335, XL 340, XL 350, XXL 535, XXL 540, XXL 550, GO 740, ONE 140"
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I was using 8.371 because it was the only version that would reliably connect to traffic in southern California. 9.058 had me constantly updating buddies or weather to keep traffic alive. I just put 9.058 back on to see if that was it and when I am in TTH and click add maps something flashes down where the offers are posted. It comes and goes so fast I can't tell what it is. Not a full banner, but not sure what it is. I normally check the add maps when I connect my 740, which is pretty much every evening, and don't recall seeing a banner offer at the bottom. Oh well, I'll keep checking and may go back to 8.371 if I have the same traffic problems with 9.058. Thanks for the Amazon link.
Home put the $0.31 offer in the upper right, where mapshares normally are.

Then, it also did a popup offer in then center of the screen when I went to "add maps".
9.058 would not connect to traffic no matter what tricks I tried. Put 8.371 back on and traffic popped right up. The flash in the center bottom of the add maps was the 'abort' until the maps loaded. Unfortunately, no lifetime upgrade appears in the upper right or center, whether on 9.058 or 8.371.
You must have some secret admires at TTH or they are just saying thanks for all the hard work you do on the forum....just a thought.

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