TomTom NDS: how can memorize a street withouth name in "HOME"?

Jun 25, 2008
Hello, I have an Android smartphone with TomTom NDS and I often find myself in areas without the name of the street I am on. So in TomTom in "HOME" I can't type the street name because I don't have it. How can I memorize where I am and save it as "HOME"? Thank you


There are lots of ways of saving a map position for future use, but it would be easier to know which to tell you about if we knew what generation TomTom you own. What's particularly confusing is the phrase "in TomTom in "HOME"" since "TomTom Home" is the name of the old Gen2 TomTom app for the PC.

Please provide us with the first two characters of your TomTom's serial number so that we know what you have to work with there.

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