TomTom cleared by EU to purchase TeleAtlas

The deal was finally approved. This is great news for TomTom users./QUOTE]

I'm not that sure about that... TT paid a hefty price for TA since it became a bidding war. TT has seen its profits plummet lately. The pressure for making profit is even higher now that they will need to borrow and pay for the acquisition. I see diffferent signs of the need to get cash quickly, The v7.20 maps would normally have come out next month according to the 3 months between releases and last one at the beginning of March. From many reports on the new x30s, I get the impression it was rushed out the door! Their PR seems to be put to test. A British buyer of a TT 930 returned his unit quite disatisfied with being turned down for the new v8.05 NA maps and the cspeech files. He swears he will not be buying another new TT unit and his company spent thousands of pounds over the years on TT units. There is a balance between making profits and turning customers away and, in this very competitive business, you better know it!
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Care to explain how this relates to the subject?:confused:
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