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Dec 10, 2012
Wales Uk
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Go 930
Sorry if this has been previously asked but I couldn`t see any mention of it on here.

I have just bought a second hand Tomtom 930 T. Seems to be in very good condition but on the box it states it has USA ,Canada maps, as well as Western Europe Maps.
Upon firing it up I found it has only Western Europe Maps.????
I have purchased the USA maps off Tomtom but had to buy a 4 gig memory card to put the Western Europe maps on and use the card which was in the Tomtom to put the USA maps on because it looked like the USA maps wouldn`t fit on . this leads me to ask Why would it have USA & Canada & Western Europe on the front of the Box if it didn`t have them on the Sat Nav ? .
So now I`ve got the bought Memory card in with the western Europe Maps on , and the USA Maps on a seperate card ready if and when needed ,but have encountered a strange thing.
There was only one voice on it when I looked and that was a computer voice of Kathy English (Irish) That`s whats next to the voice anyway with an Irish flag besides it. This voice works fine but not the other two .(which I uploaded)
So I`ve down loaded two other computor voices from Tomtom ..Daniel English (UK) and Emily English (UK) and they are showing below Kathy but won`t "hilite" or work when i put them up ,and press Test .
Am I not doing some thing right as I`ve down loaded these voices from TomTom. ?

IF I need to Delete these two voices I`ve got showing but not working can any one tell me please how to Delete them as It gives you a addition voices , but no delete voices click on logo on the Sat Nav . (as far as I`m aware)
First of all, are you **sure** it didn't come with North Americam maps? If you go on your device and select Switch maps, what does it show listed?

If you connect to the computer and look at the contents using Explorer, on the unit does it show both folders for Western_Europe AND North America (with files inside it)?

In Home, Manage my 930 (2nd screen, purple folder), Items on Device, Voices, you should see voices you can copy to the computer or just delete.

But I'd do investigating to see if you had the NA map on the device in the first place.
Hi dhn , Many thanks for replying. I did check initially when I bought the tom tom and it only had the European Maps on the 930. Since then as i stated I have bought the USA Maps and now have USA maps and European Jointly on a 4 gig card I bought . So I did try with the help of Tomtom to rectify the matter as it looked like the USA &
Canada maps had been removed somewhere down the line ,possibly by a previous owner. Its they (Tomtom) who suggested I get a bigger memory card and after buying the USA maps stick them on that along with the European maps
I can never understand why people do this without sticking the deleted maps on their PC if they don`t want to use them,so they can reinstate them if and when they come to sell the Sat Nav. I guess they just cannot be bothered.

anyway I have taken your advise and tried to delete the two voices I put on the sat nav that won`t `work`, but they are their still and will not hilite. They are not even showing on the voices on my unit when I connect to my PC so I really cannot see a way now of deleting them IF they are not showing on the list of item on my Unit when I connect to my PC.But they are there on the Voice list but won`t hilite if I click on them. I guess their doing no harm there not working but I`d like to delete them IF I could , but I just cannot .
Anyway I did try and failed. But I still have ONE working which is the main thing. I did notice too that VOICES take a helluva lot of memory up .
You'll need to look in the LoquendoTTS folder on your device for the computer voices, not the voices folder.
You'll need to look in the LoquendoTTS folder on your device for the computer voices, not the voices folder.
Sorry dhn, but not being too techy with Sat Navs I` don`t know how to do that .
In fact I have to admitt ,I`ve never heard of a loquendo TTS Folder before :embarassed: Any step by step guidance would be gratefully accepted (sorry to be such a pain)
Connect to unit to the computer. Use Windows Explorer (not the browser Internet Explorer) to look at the contents of the unit. It will appear as a removable drive on your computer with a letter assigned to it, probably E:\ or F:\.

If you get as far as this, then the contents will appear... including Folders (in yellow) and loose files not in a folder. One folder should be labelled loquendo tts or maybe loquendo. If you see that, then click on the folder to open it and see the contents.
Hi again , did that and all that`s in it is in descending order is,

licence code 7

and thats it .

I`ve attempted to look on each but unless its me being thick, I see nothing that recognizable as Voice connected :confused::confused:
The attached is what the Loquendo TTS contains on my 720.


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