The Paperclip Club

Apr 23, 2007
I find myself having to reset my 910 about once a week because it will not power on (either automatically from external power or from the power switch). I've heard the there is a design flaw on some units in the power circuitry, yada yada yada.

Are others finding the same thing? I'm also trying to figure out if there is something I'm doing that causes the lock up -- like remover the unit from the base when it powers down, etc -- but really haven't found anything consistent. Any thoughts?
Did you guys connect it to the PC often ?
In case you did, did you take precautions before disconnecting it ?
I keep a paperclip attached to my case for instances like that. Never used it since i attached it but just in case.
I used to use Makayama, when I stopped... I no longer needed my "paperclip" (mine was actually one of those needles they put in new shirts, pressed into my sun visor)
We took our new TomTom 910 to Europe a few weeks ago - It died on us around day 4 of using it! With no access to the internet I didn't know about the reset button - I looked for one, but it is to hard to find when you don't know where it is. When it died we were in an area of Italy we are already very familiar with and would soon be in an area we had never visited...

I sure wish I knew about the reset!!! Got lost and took a few wrong (long) roads over the next week!

We are home now and the thing works fine after a reset, but I have had to reset it a few times while working with it at home and adding features etc...
i too having problem restarting for my first unit. after 2 days of usage, i couldnt power it up. then i exchanged for another unit and never needed the paper clip ever. i'm all good for 1 month of usage now.
I think I am a member of that club. I've had some issues turning it on. It says hold it for 2 seconds to turn on. I have tried... 1.2. onethousand one...onethousandtwo... etc.. Is it my timing.. or is this TomTom910 I just purchased on ebay bad?
I tried 'best practices' but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
any ideas? How long do you guys hold down the power button?
Are there metric paper clips?

Today while working on mounting my TT910 (taking it off the mount while powered up) it went into a mode where I was not able to turn it off and all display action halted. Fixed it with paper clip to the reset button. I guess I will need to pack a paper clip for an upcoming trip to Italy just in case. What is the Italian words for paper clip if I forget?
It happened twice to me so far (had unit for about month and half). Freaked me out the first time as I was about to depart for a 2 week trip to Europe. Had to reset it while there once.

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