Subdivisions and precise recording

May 15, 2008

I have done some searching but i couldn't find exactly what I want.

I often go to yard sales, almost every weekend. And for the most part I go to community wide subdivision sales.

I may go 300 yards down one road and turn right, then left right, right, left, right. It gets very confusing knowing what streets I have been down, I was wondering if any of the recording programs could actually leave a line on the map in realtime (not to download and view later) so I can see what roads I have been down, and more specifically i may have only been down 1/4 of a road so it doesn't put a line on the whole road.

Is there such a thing or could anyone please design it.

Thanks very much
Thanks for the reply. i appreciate it

I have downloaded and checked out the program, I think it's a great program but I don't believe it does what i would like.

Simply put whether I drive for 1 min or 1 hour i want the default green line (the route line to stay permanently ON SCREEN where the car has already travelled.

As per my specific example, If I go to community wide yard sales I have NO IDEA on what roads I plan to go down, I basically follow the balloons & signs. And it's like a maze in there so if my route was traced/recorded/logged with a "red line" or something then I can see EXACTLY if i have been down a particular road or not. And if i zoomed out the tom tom screen will have red lines (or whatever color) going in all directions, which has marked what roads i have been down.

TYRE program seems to be great if you have a preset itinerary, but as i said I just follow the balloons and signs.

If anyone knows any more about this, I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
Probably won't be able to do that with TT, but I know that on some of the Garmins you can do a track on your route for future returns to same area, never done that but I see/hear of users doing it.
Thanks for the replies.

well It seems that there may not be anything available for the tom tom to specifically do this, so my next questions is...

"Is there anyone here you can create such a feature".


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