Specific Requirements for Europe TomTom

May 20, 2012
United Kingdom
TomTom Model(s)

It looks like my ancient TomTom One is on its last legs and I need a replacement quickly.

My requirements are quite specific. I spend a lot of time in Europe in a Motorhome which means I need -

Complete Europe mapping (all countries)

The ability to navigate to Lat and Long Co-ordinates (this is absoloutly crucial)

The ability to prepare routes when not travelling either by name or from points on a map. I.e from Paris to Prague etc

The ability to navigate to a point on the map

Im not really bothered about "Live" stuff as it will no doubt not work in some of the locations I get to and the less complex the better. I wont be subscribing when it runs out anyway.

A Hands free phone connection would be useful but not important

Plenty of memory and preferably one with an SD card so it can be upgraded if necessary

I would also like to know if its an easy task to whip off my vast collection of POI which has taken years to gather and copy it straight into the maps folder on the new sat nav.

Would prefer to spend no more than £200 if possible.

Thanks in anticipation




Many thanks but thats way too much money really.

Im not bothered about having a Motorhome or Truck type sat nav. Getting lost down goat tracks can be fun!


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