TomTom Specific Color Schemes

Jun 24, 2012
Ontario, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
Sony XNV-660BT
Hi there,

TomTom has their own colour schemes, e.g., Britannia, Asia, Antarctica, and so on.
Does anyone know where I can download all these schemes or could they post them here if they have them?

There seem to be others, e.g., Deuterutopia, Ancharite, etc., that I don't have. Any info is helpful.

There are a whole variety of colour schemes available in Home-->Color Schemes. I don't think TomTom's specific schemes are there but variations of some of them might be (there are some variations on the Antarctic theme, for example).

But you can get the default schemes plus others using the Color Scheme Editor. See here:
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Thanks a lot! I use CSE all the time. This might be a dumb question. I have a built in Tomtom in my dash and don't use Tomtom home. It's MyDrive. Anywhere else I can get them? Thanks
Using CSE, you should be able to download the colour scheme files to your computer, I presume. Haven't tried it. If so, can you then use 'Manage Community Content' in the desktop link for MyDrive to get the files onto your device?
Thanks, I've copied and made dozens and dozens of colour schemes using CSE and uploaded a lot of them here. I am just looking for any TomTom schemes that I might not have. I know there's America, Britannica, Asia, Brasilia, etc. but wondering if I am missing any and/or where I could download em

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