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Apr 20, 2021
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con il vecchio web planner potevi inviare senza fili fino a 21 fermate e ottenere così un percorso! ora con il nuovo web planner non trovo più questa opzione...
Good evening,

I read this article, and in particular the last paraphrase.

Way points​

If you added way points to your route on, your device respects them in the routing but depending on your device they might not show as way points. To be shown way points, create the route directly on your device.

I can confirm that the steps no longer appear on the Tomtom Rider 550 screen.

This is a big step down from the old route creation system does not have the "Send stops" button that we had on

The article recommends using the tool integrated into Tomtom, but it is not practical to plan a route with 20 waypoints on the small screen of the Tomtom, I prefer to do it on a desktop computer.

I wrote to Tomtom support who replied that they would pass on my feedback to the team concerned. Would I have an answer? Good question !
You can send stops to your device by clicking Export once you've created a route.
This is missing for routes that have already been saved. This feedback has already been forwarded.

JuergenAMS is more efficient than TomTom customer service. Thank you very much !

Now the button should be easier to access.
The procedure is not very intuitive :

  1. Click on route selection
  2. Click on Modify, then click on course
  3. On the map, click on one of the steps
  4. Deselect the step you just selected
  5. As if by magic, the export button appears: click on Export, then on "Send stops to device"

Hopefully the development team will make this easier.

And more generally, make simpler.
You must click on "Modify" and "Description" to modify the name of the route: why not put an icon to the right of the name of the route so that you can edit it directly.

The number of stages visible on is not shown on the GPS screen. On my road book I would like to be able to see at what stage of my journey I am. We only have an icon that appears in the navigation bar.

Finally, I find it a shame that Tomtom does not leave active while is improved.
I declared victory too quickly :(

The stages are not displayed when you select the road from “My roads” from Tomtom Rider 550

You must go through the site to send the route to the Tomtom: the GPS will retrieve the route and display the stages.

Hopefully the dev team does something.

@JuergenAMS, Thor42

Thank you so much for finding the "Send stops to device" function and posting the solution.
A teasing spirit would have said that the developers at TomTom had fun creating a treasure hunt to keep us on our toes :)

For me, who travels a lot by motorcycle, sometimes with 3 possible itineraries a day, the "Send stops to device" function is vital, as it allows me to modify/delete a "stop" on the route following a live itinerary change. This is not possible with "sync this route as a track".

It would have been interesting if TomTom's developers had made this function more easily accessible in the application's ergonomics.

For your information, the "Send stops to device" function is still available in the "MyDrive EU" Android application.
That's how I was able to troubleshoot before I read this post.

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