SDcardon tomtom one2nd edition not navigating

Jul 26, 2009
I backed up my tomtom one, and then restored it onto the sd card, which is a PNY 2gb btw. But, whenever i go to plan a destination, right as soon as it finishes searching for the road, it says "error planning trip" or something like that.

Does anyone know what i can do to fix this?
It may have to do with what restrictions you have entered for planning preferences that prevent a viable route being selected. For example, if you say ALWAYS avoid toll roads and it isn't possible to get a route planned otherwise, sometimes the message you see is' No route found'.

You do see all the contents on the card that you did back up, don't you?
yes i see everything, except tht right before it goes to the screeb where it says, cancle, find alternative, navigate, it says error planning trip, but when i take the sd card out and use the internal memory it works fine.
Then you must have a map and application on both the card and internal because your model does not use the storage on the card in conjunction with internal storage.

When you are only using internal, tap the satellites and report back two things:
1. The next screen which is the application number
2. Tap the version number and the next screen shows the map installed and its version number.

Now, insert the card, boot up and report the same two values you see now.
to be more precise, it says "error during planning" right after the loading text turns green , and a little bubble pops up also in the right hand corner that also says "error during loading",

ps. all of my preferances are set for it to tell me if theres something in theway and tht it shouldnt avoid anything thts on the fastest route!!!

would you know whats wrong? the navigation works perfect when using internal power. But when i have the sd card in, all the voices work, and everything shows except that it wont navigate because all it says is :error during planning"
which satellites am i supposed to tap, the one where it tells u ur coordinates or should i tap on the version number?
When on internal storage (no sd card in the unit) and you are in the map view, tap the satellite bars you see in the bottom right corner. The next screen shows the application version number installed. Tap the version number and see the map installed.

Try to get the same screen when the sd card is in the unit to see the app value and map version stored on the card.

(Is the sd card locked by any chance?)
I'm just goin to copy word for word how it says it on the tt


App 7.903 (9183/081205) OS:2344
29 MB RAM (free: 5.9 MB)
GPS v1.21, Boot 5.5011
Map: 'USA_and_Canada' v710.1575
Language: English US

SD Card inserted:

App 7.903 (9183/081205) OS:2344
29 MB RAM v1.21, Boot 5.5011
Map: 'USA_and_Canada' v710.1575
Language: English US

So im guessing the application for the internal is 7.903 and for sd card its also 7.903, and the map version for internal is v710.1575 and for thesd card its also v710.1575
right when the loading screen says "writing instructions" or it just goes straight to "error during planning" from the loading screen
How much spare capacity is there on the memory card? if its close to full the device might not be happy planning a route as it needs a few MB spare to work with, if bootiing from the SD card it will not have access to the built in memory which could posibly have more spare capacity - Mike
the sd card is a 2gb, so with the restore ob it, it has 1000mg free, while the internal only as 100mg free
Here's a dumb thought......

Since it appears you have the same application and map on BOTH internal and the sd card AND you say things work if the card is not in the unit, then just keep the card out of the unit. Or am I missing something?
So how is it beneficial to use the sd card and not have it work?? :confused:

Try another card.....this one may be faulty.
It could be the read/ write speed of the card, if its not fast enough the device will reject it and refuse to use it, purchase a memory card from a reputable source that is a high speed performer and you should be ok - Mike
Probably read/write like Mike said.

But you may want to format the SD again (with quickformat checkbox unchecked) and recopy your stuff back onto it. The SD may have been corrupted.

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