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Call me crazy, but I learned in math class in school that '0' should be pronounced as 'zero', and 'o' should be pronounced as 'oh'. If the TomTom folks' would've followed this rule, then this couldn't be an issue.
"Hawaii - five zero" just doesn't sound right though....:)

(nor does "zero, zero, seven... licenced to kill...")
I've read through this thread and I must admit first that I know just enough about computers to be dangerous and some of what I'm seeing makes little sense to me.

My problem is a state highway with 4 digits being pronounced as One Thousand... I've tried the fixes in this thread but no good. Can someone assist me in very simple terms because I'm very simple :D

New to the tomtom XL340S- bought one on black friday, and solved the problem you mentioned in a different way, so it will not affect you if you drive into Canada.

As mvlpointed out in another thread

" There's a highway file roadnrEnglishUS.rex (note the "rex") that appears to renumber highways in American vernacular. eg: 405 = "Four-oh-five"
I think the o=west is firing after that messing everything up"

This is 100% correct. The solution is as follows

Using Windows Explorer, Open your Tomtom and use path

Open the roadnrEnglishUS.REX file in a text editor
You'll see strings like this- = "\1 \s US \Nx \2 o \Nx \3 \4" . Note the lowercaseletter o.

Replace all the letter "o"s with a string that will not occur in normal language.
For my TomTom, I used "qxq", but any string will probably work

Now we need to associate that string with "o"

open up roadnrEnglishUS.LEX
and write a new line
"qxq" = "o"
Just tested it. Problem solved. And it shouldn't affect the French "o=ouest" problem at all.

Try it and let me know if it works for you.
Hope this thread is not too old. I have got street names working on my tomtom one new edition using VocaliserTTS but again it doesn't pronounce the names very well. Is there some fix for this TTS ? The details you supply are for the LoquendoTTS. VocalizerTTS doesn't have a data file that I can see. TNX
alwayslost's instructions seem to have worked great for me (at least in Demo mode) so far! Having my TomTom tell me to take "Interstate 6-west-5" was unbelievably annoying. And there must have been an update through "Home" because in Demo mode, Susan said "Los AnGeles" rather than "Los AnHeles". Woohoo!!

Although these errors should not have been there in the first place, the corrections make me a more satisfied TomTom user. That gets another "woohoo". (Woohoo!) :D

(XXL 550)
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