No QuickGPSfix after complete reinstall

Apr 2, 2010
I happend to me a lot of times that after a quickgpsfix update, my tomtom was messed up. It would continue after showing the initial map. As if it could find any satellites. Just showing 'searching...' for ever. Found out it had to to with this quickgpsfix and among others a damages lto.dat file. The sollution was to format the tomtom and copy the backup files into it. Which I did today after another quickgpsfix update. It gave some errors back of damages files so I formatted it and dragged the backup files back. Tomtom was functioning again.

But when I do a update it doesn't offer a quickgpsfix update anymore? The backup file system didn't include the emphen and ephemeris directories, cause they where the cause of these damaged quickgpsfix files. Shouldn't it now offer to install the quickgpsfix software since that has been deleted from the backup? On previous occasions it always did. Using the same backup file system.
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Do you have an ephem folder on your unit? Even if empty?

If not, use Explorer to create one. Also, go here:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\ephemeris\ and make sure you clean out any sub folders found there.

Then try for the update again.
Thanks that helped! I didn't know that the HOME files on my pc also where needed to find this update. I deleted the folders/filesin the C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\ephemeris folder, rebooted and it offered quickgpsfix again
Sometimes the dl file is corrupt in some way and prevents the installation of future files. Cleaning out both folders often helps.
I got into similar trouble with loosing and not being able to update Quickgpsfix.
I was not disconnecting the TT properly.
No problems now that I click on the small device status icon on the bottom right of the Tom Tom home page and wait for the message that it was safe to disconnect the TT.
My original problem was that upon starting the tomtom, it would be searching for satelites for ever. Not finding the current location and not usable. Initially we thought there might be a network problem, but after 5 hours we got suspicious. Then I searched this forum for a sollution (found out that tomtom's of relatives were working ok) and how to reset it. It included a backup description, but I got stuck there: I couldn't delete or copy the lto.dat file. Which gave errors when updating the tomtom from 'TomTom Home'. Then I copied everything besides the ephem folder (which had the faulty lto.dat file), formatted the memory card and copied everything back. Now it was working again (found the current location quickly) and upon updating it put the ephem folder back including its files.

So now I keep a backup copy on my pc so I can do it again when the update gives problem. The only thing is that any added favourites since this backup get lost. Before I would place the backup back again: which file is storing the favourites? Then I can first copy this file in the Backup directory. When I place a backup back, this way the most recent favourites get installed back too.
The personal favorite info is stored in mapsettings.cfg. Be sure you always have a current copy of that before upgrading firmware or if you have to restore from a previous backup set.

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