Night Color Scheme from 1000/2405/2505

Feb 24, 2008
Portland, OR
TomTom Model(s)
GO LIVE 1535M and XXL-540TM
I am looking for the night time color scheme from the new GO series.

The pics I have seen are very similar to "Asia" that is on my XXL 550TM... I just like the difference of the 2505 colors.

Anyone have that scheme, can make that scheme or know the name, or how to get it?

As seen below:



As you can't get at any of the files on the device its not going to be possible to pull the colour scheme off the unit. I guess the only way to get this will be to use a colour scheme editor package and create it - Mike


Actually, the scheme on the 2505 is called Asia too...I believe its the same one that's on the xxl series, as it's not exactly like the one in the picture. The roads are only in outline, not the full colour blue/grey you see in the pic. At least that's all I've got. Maybe it'll be available in an update....hmmm, oh yes an update. Evidently those don't happen with the new GO series ;)

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