New phone bluetooth issue


Dec 28, 2007
pacific northWET
I've got the 920. It is paired with my Blackberry 8830.

I am trying to add a new phone. Problem - I don't see anywhere to manage the phone connections at all. I seem to recall such a screen or option. Another issue - on the Preferences screens, the Bluetooth option is grayed out - I cannot do anything affecting bluetooth.

The new phone shows the 920 but the 920 seems oblivious. I have not done any pairing in over a year or so, so I really don't recall the entire procedure. But I don't see where I can control the phone or grab its address book, etc.

Any help appreciated.
I did reset the 920. And the phone. It still detects my old 8830 and says connected to "bb8830..."

I do NOT want to reset the 920 to default. I am not even sure what settings I may lose in doing that.

I still have an older os on the 920. I recall pairing with a friend's phone over a year ago and being able to use it and then deleted it. But I have not fooled with pairing or phones in over a year.
I haven't used the older OS in a while. In the main menu on the new OS there is a "Manage phones" option (outside of preferences). Is it not there on the older menus?

What is your specific application version?

Well, after 3 months.... I had to reset my BB Tour's bluetooth devices and had them all re-installed but NOT tomtom. So I was determined to FIX it.

I tried resetting, I tried removing 3rd party tomtom apps. I tried more resetting. I found you need to press reset for 15+ seconds for a REAL reset. I reset to Default. (lost a bunch of settings) but NO phone icon and Bluetooth was still GRAYED out and not available.

I was going to upgrade TomTom Home and went to their homepage and perused the FAQ. There was some mention of phones and the Clear-Flash tool. I ran that - YES.

My Tour and tom now communicate.

I will ask a Tomtom Home question in another thread

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