New Gold Honda Odyssey Car Icon Request

Oct 8, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom GO 930
Hi everyone...I need some more help...I am uploading another bmp picture of my Gold Honda Odyssey...I tried to photo edit and place a white outline and a red background behind the Van but my efforts failed...I wasted alot of time unfortunately...Can someone help me by doing this for me so that I can put the bmp picture for use in my GO 930...PS. Please do not remove my licesnse plate info. when photo editing...Just leave it as is if you don't mind...You can't even see it anyways...

P.S. I have already reduced the size to 80X80 pixels and have made it a bmp picture file...It just needs the white outline around it and the red background.

Thanks and I appreciate the help...



  • Honda Odyssey Icon.bmp
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Thank You

Thanks Rick F.

You did such a great job...I spent countless hours and failed when it came to the digital imaging revamping of the initial photo...and I was using Photoshop Elements 7.O as well...There should be some automatic way to do this with digital imaging software...

Again thanks Rick F. I am very appreciative of your time and effort...Well done. :)
You're welcome. Only took about 5 minutes really. I use the standard Windows Paint program, blow up the image to 600 times, then using different sized paint brushes, fill in the surrounding area with the red... small brush around the actual image. Then save the image as a 24 bit 'bmp' image. If it needs to be resized to 80 x 80 - or there about - I use 'EasyThumbnails' - which is a free download.

I know that some say you need to add white pixels around the image for better visibility, but I haven't found that to be necessary.

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