My GO 720T is blocked

Mar 12, 2010

My GO 720 was suddently blocked. I tried all what I could from the TomTom support: Reset the device, ... but no luck.

Here is the situation. When I turn on the device, I got a picture telling me that there is no card inserted in it.
I tried to connect the device on my computer and two USB drives appeared. The first (in my case disk E) is the SD Card (which is not inserted) and the second (in my case, disk F) is there but is not accessible.

When I try to format disk F, I got an error telling me that a Media is not inserted.

I called Tom Tom support, that never had this issue and offered me to trash my device and give me 20% on a new one! (It's only 3 years old!).

With a SD card inserted, it seems to boot again, but as I never made any backup, I'll have to buy new maps.

So before I go into this, I wanted to know if the internal memory could be really damaged and if there is no other solution than to use an external SD card as replacement and buy new maps...

I think that I used my Tom Tom less than 100 times since I got it. It was always used with care... I'm not really happy with its fiability...

So, any suggestion would be more than welcome!!!

Thank you!

When the sdhc card is inserted you say it seems to connect to the computer. If so, what do the contents show for both the card and the internal?

If you can see stuff on both, try copying the specific map folder from internal to the card. Do you also see loose files on both the card and internal?

You can try inserting the card in the unit. Connect to Home. See if it offers you an application. If so, accept and install.

What happens then?
Thank you for your quick reply...

When the sdhd card is inserted only it's content is accessible (in my case disk e:). Disk F: (the internal one) is still inaccessible.

The you're right, I can start home on the external sdhd and start the install all the sofware.

I lost my maps (I didn't made any backups :() so I wanted to know if it was a good solution to keep this TomTom alive this way (the map cost about 90? which is 1/3 of the price of a new one).

Do you know if in the device the internal memory could be replaced?
When you do connect to the computer, try downloading and running the Clear Flash tool found here. Run it 3 times. See if that helps.

Was the map in the 720 the original map or have you ever updated it? If you have, then, in its compressed form, it will be found here:

C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\maps\

and you can reinstall on the card.

I honestly don't think it's worth your while trying to get the internal memory repaired, even if it can be, if it's out of warranty.

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