720t issues with mp3 music files


Aug 27, 2010
Hi everybody. First post here and it's about a problem. Such is life ha.

Something weird is happening every time I try and load music on to my 720t. For some strange reason my TT won't reconise certain mp3 files. I can load one album up no problems but the next album can't be found or shown by the tt. Yet if i look at the mp3 file on my pc I can actually play back the music from the TT. I've looked at the mp3 files properties on the pc between a working and non working album and they are the same. I do have itunes on the pc but the music is all stored on a external hard drive and most of it isn't from itunes anyway.

Any ideas? I've tried various ways of copying the music like home or just windows explorer but no joy?

Welcome to TTF.

Others have reported that TT is somewhat picky with certain mp3 files as well, even though they are no problem for Window's media player.

Not sure I have a solution but others may pop in with suggestions. (I know that files recorded at too high a speed can be an issue for TT).
The term "mp3" is often used to describe any music tracks that are stored/ played on a computer / media device but often tracks are recorded in other formats like ogg for example. The TomTom will only see/ play true mp3 files, look at the file extension of the tracks using the PC and are you 100% sure its mp3 - Mike
Cheers for the replies.

The music is in mp3 format. I just find it very strange that some mp3 files it plays and some it won't.

I suppose contacting tomtom about this issue is a waste of time?
Do you know what the actual encoding of the files is? Even amongst .mp3 files there are differing formats.

There are free conversion software options out there....do a conversion to a std. format on one of the problematic files and see if it' a format issue, or perhaps it's a file-name or folder-name issue?

Gotta start somewhere...calling TT is probably not going to get you anywhere, IMHO. I liken it to playing handball with a set of curtains.
Here's a good example of the problem: I ripped a couple of my CD's the other day during the same session using "Ripper X" (Linux CD ripper) into MP3 format, same settings, first one and then the other. Copied both onto my TT720's SD card via my PC's card slot.. 720 won't recognize the Bob Seger album. There are no unusual characters in the tags for both albums, and both are visible when I look at the card when it's connected to my PC.

Only thing I can think of is that maybe my 720 isn't a Bob Seger fan.:p
mp3 won't play

Re my TT Go 730

I had the same problem, i was using an SD card and it wouldn’t show the mp3 files.

I went into my computer, opened the Tom Tom [it as already connected] and found the mp3 folder.

You do not need to open the TT program, it may open but just close it.

Files copied directly to this folder show and play.

Note: When you use your Tom Tom ay at home, it will play through any radio including your mobile phone.

Let’s know if this helps.

John in Sunny - Safe Queenstown NZ :)
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Re my TT Go 730

I had the same problem, i was using an SD card and it wouldn?t show the mp3 files.

It should work fine from an SD card too.

Did you realise the mp3 files and folders all need to be in an overall folder called "mp3" (without the quotes) on the SD card too?

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