My Drive Connect Required Update Not Working Solution

Dec 1, 2022
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As of August 4, 2023 a required update for My Drive Connect on my Windows 10 Professional 64 bit computer would not install. On August 11, 2023 I was able to contact TomTom via Chat who provided the solution (which "worked") as follows:


(17:09:35) Sandy: Yes, we have received a reports about the same and the team is investigating the
(17:10:04) Sandy: As of now, please uninstall the application from the computer and install
the fresh one using below link
(17:10:13) Sandy:
(17:10:30) Sandy: That shall work


You may also wish to view the article concerning uninstalling and reinstalling MyDrive Connect at:

which contains more detailed instructions concerning uninstalling MyDrive Connect (Including deleting files (some of which may be "hidden" until they are "revealed") (be sure to "re-hide" the remaining files which had been "hidden")
My drive connect will not work for me on windows 11 both on my desktop and laptop all my updates etc i have had to do wireless/wi-fi
everytime i try to use it i just get the not connected screen, followed their instructions numerous times to no avail
It's another crappy way of not checking the prerequisites when installing/updating your software.
The updated version of TomTom MyDrive connect needs/wants another version of C++ 2015-2019 redistributable.
Although a newer 64Bit version 14.28.xxxx was already installed at my computer, it just installs the 32bit(!) version (14.24.xxxx) to get itself running.
Programmers at TT need to stop using deprecated commands and calling specific .dll instructions (Albeit old or 32 bit).

Just for everybody else's sake;
a) Use the link in the first post, however removing the old version is not needed per se.
b) just install the C++ (! 32bit) resdist from the central Microsoft site.

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