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Mar 22, 2024
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I tried to design a new route today and got the new version of mydrive.

Mydrive has always had a tendency to send me off up a few very minor roads and when riding on my own I'm not alltogether happy about following that. I used to be able to get a list of directions for a route that would allow me to amend the route add an extra stop or 3) if I thought a road looked a little too much like a single track road.

I can't find that list of directions in the new version. Has it gone away or can I just not find it?
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I don't know if we're talking about the same thing on Mydrive you can always select 3 alternative routes and you can always add a stop to the route.

I know but it's difficult to see the exact route that's being proposed. It becomes necessary to zoom in so far the map almost becomes the old version, like Google maps, it allowed you to get a set of turn by turn instructions.
As an example, the route I've just planned uses a non classified road for about 10 miles because it's slightly shorter than the A road that runs almost parallel to it (it's 0.5 miles longer over 12 miles). You can only see that it does this by zooming right in and seeing the 2 roads. Adding a way point lets me move the route to use the A road but the analysis was a pain in the neck.

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