Lack of volume on GO DISCOVER

Feb 17, 2023
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I have just purchased a new Go Discover and followed all the steps to set it up. With the volume slider at maximum the volume is barely audible above the general noise of the car (with the radio off). The sticker on the back has been removed so there is nothing obscuring the speaker. My Go Premium is probably three times louder on the max setting and will comfortably drown out the radio.

Maybe I have missed something when setting it up. Has anybody experienced this and has a solution please?
My Discover is plenty loud. At one time, a couple of years back, there was a firmware version that caused low volume. A hard reboot (holding the button down until the drum sound, then releasing) was solving it at that time. Give that a try.

That said, this was back on some units with an old 20.100 firmware version. What version firmware does your device show as loaded? The release version is 22.200 now.
Many thanks for your reply.

My firmware version is 22.200, so latest release. However, your suggestion of a hard reboot seems to have done the trick, at least in my study at home. Now to try it out on the road.

Thanks again.
This happened again on my Go Discover. As I was driving on the motorway, it was not possible to reboot. However, for some reason, it decided to reboot anyway and it did fix the low volume. There is clearly a software bug. I am still finding that the Go Discover fall of after becoming unstuck. I have reported this before and tried all of the advice. It is clear to me that the suction sticker is not sufficient for the job. With all the problems I have had with the Go Discover, I would not recommend it to anyone.


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